Saint Ann’s Maker Space
Complete 2023

Our redesign of the Saint Ann’s School Maker Space embraces the idea that this central learning center should be a destination for students and faculty alike, and a space of proactive provision for its many potential uses. We tapped into the explorative ethos of the school; its new visual identity; and extensive faculty conversations to transform it into a nimble, multi-use arena for play and learning.  

The site contains a Computer Lab, Podcast Studio, main Maker Space, and a substantial corridor. We spoke with educators and faculty to ensure the design solutions were rooted in the current curriculum, while allowing for future adaptations. Custom millwork lines the corridor, containing ample storage and cubbies, a wash station, and ventilation.

Inside the labs are moveable work stations, computers in-the-round, and facilities that accommodate a non-prescriptive variety of tools and machines. The functional pegboards are mimicked in a pointillist aesthetic applied to walls, windows and millwork facades throughout. Color and material choices reference the school’s new visual identity, and set the tone for use across other architectural projects currently underway on the campus.