We are a team of designers who believe in architecture as a tool for creating spatial and social confidence. This means longevity of structure and community, and we hold our practice responsible for reaching beyond the activity of architecture to fulfill our projects on these terms.

Our design solutions are rooted in the needs of the people who use them and the places they exist in. From property to structure to materials, we see constraints as the greatest opportunity for imaginative design. We prioritize projects that broaden our practice, and reflect a shared interest in the expansiveness of architectural possibility. 

Our work is united not by a formal or stylistic approach, but by a process of listening and synthesizing. From a master plan to a single-family home, learning is our starting point for collaboration. Absorbing the needs of clients and site stakeholders allows us to understand the full scope of each architectural challenge, and resolve it in a way that expands expectations of what a space can be.
Lea Architecture was founded by award-winning architect Jane Lea and is based in Brooklyn, New York. Across typologies and scales, we value partnerships with creative individuals and organizations who lead with empathy.


Jane Lea is the principal of Lea Architecture, is a founding member of Design Advocates, and is the design partner for The All Along Project. Jane approaches design as a collaboration, fully invested in the transformative power of architecture and the latent potential behind every design challenge.

She is a graduate of Columbia University, where she holds a Master of Architecture. Prior to starting her practice in 2017, she spent ten years working for firms in NYC, including eight years at Architecture Research Office. Jane has taught at Cooper Union, Parsons, and Pratt and is a licensed architect in New York and Pennsylvania. She has been awarded a Brunner Grant from the AIA Center for Architecture.


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Lea pronounced([/lee/] like tea or sea)