Lea Architecture

A collaboration with the Artist Matthew Barney, Architect Jane Lea, Writer and Curator Brandon Stosuy, and Lighting Designer Kenzan Tsutakawa-Chinn, the Remains Clock— which showed the days and hours left in Donald J. Trumps Presidential term — was a public artwork in New York City. Installed during the 2017 inauguration, the bright red display on the Queens waterfront was intentionally designed to be visible from the UN, the embassies, and all Trump properties, though it was primarily meant to act as a reminder to their fellow New Yorkers that time passes. The passage of time is both a call to action, a reminder to stay engaged and active, and a soothing presence. The clock was erected during a performance at Matthew Barney’s studio in January 2017 and turned off during a performance in January 2021.

Client: Private
Location: Queens, New York
Scope: Temporary Installation 
Status: Completed